Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 Terbaru Beserta Kunci

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 Terbaru Beserta Kunci
Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 Terbaru Beserta Kunci

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 Terbaru Beserta Kunci, hallo kali ini kakak akan berikan contoh soal terbaru bahasa Inggris dan kunci jawaban bahasa inggris kelas 5 SD. Kunci jawaban soal bahasa inggris dapat adik lihat pada bagian bawah posting ini ya. Berikut beberapa contoh soal kelas 5 bahasa inggris semester 2 terbaru dan terlengkap

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!

1. What time is it?
a. It is six o’clock c. It is eight o’clock
b. It is seven o’clock d. It is nine o’clock

2. What time is it?
a. It is a quarter past three c. It is a quarter to three
b. It is a quarter past ten d. It is a quarter to ten

3. What time is it?
a. It is a half past five c. It is a half to five
b. It is a half to four d. It is a half past four



4. The long hand clock shows the number ten while the short needle between the numbers nine and ten. Then it shows the time is … .
a. a ten past ten c. a fifty past ten
b. a ten to ten d. a fifty to nine
For number 5-6, read the text below!
My sister is Anisa. She is adiligent girl. She always wakes up early the morning. She wakes up at 04.30 in the morning on Sunday. She likes to watch television.
At 12.10 p.m Anisa finishes do her works. She has lunch and take a nap. She wakes up at 03.30 p.m. And at 04.00 p.m she help her mother cooking in the kitchen.
5. Anisa has finishes do her works at … .
a. It is twelve to ten c. It is ten to twelve
b. It is twelve past ten d. it is ten past twelve


6. She has lunch and take a nap.
Lunch in Indonesian is … .
a. sarapan c. makan siang
b. makan pagi d. makan malam

7. Nurul : “ …”
Umam : “ I go to bed at six o’clock”
The correct question to fill the blanks is … .
a. What time do you go to school? c. What time are you go to school?
b. What time you do go to school? d. What time you are go to school?

8. Sarah does her home work at two fifty.
Write in Indonesian is … .
a. Sarah mengerjakan PR pukul dua kurang sepuluh menit
b. Sarah mengerjakan PR pukul tiga kurang sepuluh menit
c. Sarah mengerjakan PR pukul dua kurang lima puluh menit
d. Sarah mengerjakan PR pukul tiga kurang sepuluh menit

9. In English is … .
a. thirty five to ten c. nine past twenty five
b. twenty five to nine d. twenty five past nine


10. That is a/an … .
a. skirt c. hat
b. tie d. shirt


11. The student wear … in the flag ceremony
a. kabaya c. uniform
b. pyjamas d. dress


12. This is a/an … .
a. hat c. shoes
b. tie d. short


13. My sister always wear … when go to shooping
a. necklace c. bracelet
b. ring d. earrings


14. We go to swimming by wearing … .
a. T-shirt c. swimsuit
b. blouse d. trousers


For number 15-16, read the convertation below!
Adi : “Where are you going , Toni?”
Toni : “ I am going to the supermarket.”
Adi : “ What do you want to buy?”
Toni : “ I want to buy a t-shit, rain coat, and jacket.”

Adi : “ Why do you want to buy t-shirt?”
Toni : “ I want to wear for sport.Do you want to accompany me?”
Adi : “ Yes, I do”
Toni : “ Let’s go now”
Adi : “OK.”

15. What does toni wear for sport? He wears …
a. uniform c. jacket
b. pyjamas d. t-shir

16. I want to buy a t-shirt, rain coat, and jacket. Rain coat in Indonesian is … .
a. sapu tangan c. payung
b. jas hujan d. kaos

17. My father always wears shoes.
In Indonesian is ….
a. Ayahku selalu memakai sepatu. c. Pamanku selalu memakai sepatu.
b. Ayahku selalu memakai kaos kaki. d. Pamanku selalu memakai kaos kaki.

18. Mr. Handoko wears … when he goes to his office.
a. culottes c. short
b. shirt d. skirt

19. The … helps the doctor treat patients.
a. apoteker c. dentist
b. nurse d. oculist


20. Look at the picture! Mrs. Monita is a … .
a. bricklayer c. teacher
b. butcher d. sailor

21. “Tukang kayu” in English is … .
a. singer c. tailor
b. soldier d. carpenter

22. That is Mr. Abdul. He is a … .
a. surgeon c. farmer
b. gardener d. fisherman


23. He works in restoran everyday. He is a … .
a. waitress c. stewardess
b. soldier d. traders


24. My uncle is a … His job is cut the hair.
a. bricklayer c. tailor
b. sailor d. barber

25. Budi : “Doni, What is your father?
Doni : “My father is … .”
a. bricklayer c. drivers
b. arsitek d. cleaner

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 Terbaru Beserta Kunci berikutnya

26. Rangga is my uncle. He is sending a letter from one place to another place. He works from Monday to Saturday. He works in post office.
What is profesion of my uncle? My uncle is … .
a. army c. fisherman
b. surgeon d. postman

27. Mrs. Wulan is a tailor. In Indonesian is … .
a. Bu Wulan adalah seorang koki c. Bu Wulan adalah seorang penjahit
b. Bu Wulan adalah seorang sopir d. Bu Wulan adalah seorang pengrajin

28. Mr. Andika wants to go Sumatra by … .
a. plane c. train
b. boat d. ship

29. Look at the picture! That is … .
a. car c. pedicab
b. carriage d. cart

30. My cousin goes to market by … .
a. taxi c. motocycle
b. bicycle d. scooter

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For number 31-32, read the conversation below!
Fitri : “ Hello, Rasti where will you go?
Rasti : “ I want to go to my grandfather’s home.
Fitri : “ How do you go there?”
Rasti : “ By bus.”
Fitri : “ Ok Rasti. Have a nice trip.”
Rasti : “ Thank you.”

31. How will Rasti go to his grandfather home? He will go to his grandfather’s home … .
a. by bus c. by plane
b. by train d. by ship

32. Have a nice trip. Trip in Indonesian is … .
a. berlibur c. jalan
b. liburan d. perjalanan

33. Nisa : “Look the picture!”
Wati : “ What is that?”
Nisa : “ That is including a land transportation. That is a … .
a. taxi c. bus
b. car d. truck


34. Look at the picture! The vehicle has two wheels is … .
a. motorcycle c. train
b. pedicap d. car


35. A horse usually pulls a …
a. bus c.cart
b. car d.carriage


Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 Terbaru Beserta Kunci selanjutnya

II. Fill the blanks with the correct answer!
36. Umam goes to school at … .

37. I usually take a nap at … in the afternoon.


38. I want to buy a shoes and a … .


39. Indah wears … when she goes shooping


40. My mother always wears … .


41. His name is Yudi. He is a … .


42. Toni : “Look! He is Mr. Usman.”
Andi : “ What is he?”
Toni : “ He is a … .


43. That is a water transportation. That is a … .



44. That is land transportation. That is a … .


45. Patient brought to the hospital by … .

III. Answer the question!
46. Write to Indonesian?
Ratna goes to bed at nine o’clock after studying.
Jawab : ___________________________________________________

47. Anita : What do you wear for birthday party?
Desy : I wear … for birthday party.
Jawab : _________________________________

48. Mr. Rudi works in a hospital. He job is to examine and to cure the tootache.
He is a … .
Jawab : ___________________________________________________

49. Mention 3 kinds of land transportation?
Jawab : ___________________________________________________

50. Arrange the words into a good sentence!
treats- the- patient- the- in- the- room- doctor- the.
Jawab : ___________________________________________________



I.1. C 11. C 21. D 31. A
2. B 12. B 22. C 32. D
3. D 13. A 23. A 33. B
4. B 14. C 24. D 34. A
5. B 15. D 25. B 35. D
6. C 16. B 26. D
7. A 17. A 27. C
8. B 18. D 28. A
9. D 19. B 29. C
10. C 20. C 30. B

II. 36. A half past six 41. Police/policeman
37. a quarter to three 42. drivers
38. sock 43. ship
39. trousers 44. train
40. ring 45. ambulance

III. 46. Ratna pergi tidur pukul sembilan setelah belajar.
47. dress
48. a dentist
49. car, bus, train, etc
50. The doctor treats the patient in the room.

Nah silahkan dipelajari contoh soal bahasa inggris kelas 5 di atas ya.

Semoga Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 Terbaru Beserta Kunci dapat membantu adik dalam belajar soal bahasa inggris